LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Loxley’s Performance Shows a Promising Pick Up in The Second Half of This Year With Revenue Up to 9 Billion Baht

      Mr.Chalermchoke Lamsam, the Managing Director of Loxley Public Company Limited, disclosed the direction of the 2H2018 performance. It was expected that the revenue would be at 9 billion Baht, increasing from 1H2018 which stood at 6.70 billion Baht as Technology Business and Network Solutions Business would bid for additional government projects that had been delayed from 1H2018.


      At present, the Company hasthe total order backlog of 11.74 billion Baht which comes from Technology Business, Network Solutions Business, Services Business, and Energy Business with a value of approximately 2.5 billion Baht, 5.26 billion Baht, 1.44 billion Baht, and 2.55 billion Baht, respectively. 41% of this order backlog or approximately 5 billion Baht will be recorded as 2H2018’s revenue and the rest will be carried forward next year.
      In the second half of this year, the Company will bid for the high potential projects of 11.96 billion Baht with 50% chance to win. This high potential projects comprise of 1.96 billion Baht from IT Business, 1.96 billion Baht from Energy Business, 6.7 billion Baht from Network Solutions Business, and 1.35 billion Baht from Services Business. Additionally, the Company also target to bid for another 15.3 billion Baht of potential projects.